AdBlue Repairs & Maintenance

AdBlue is also known as diesel exhaust fluid and is a mixture comprising de-ionised water along with high-grade urea. To reduce the nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions AdBlue is automatically sprayed into a diesel vehicle’s exhaust system.

Reducing emissions has for some time been required by law and regulations continue to become more strict. It is important that this aspect is observed and Carfix, Manchester, of Salford will check and top up AdBlue fluid levels as appropriate during a service. However, it is advisable to periodically check the level yourself, for example when you check other levels such as screen-wash or engine oil.

There are a number of factors which could cause a deficiency of AdBlue in your vehicle’s system.

  • Leaking AdBlue tank
  • Faulty AdBlue level sensor
  • Failure of the AdBlue injector
  • Failure of the AdBlue pump
  • Contamination of the AdBlue fluid
  • Failure of the AdBlue pre-heater or heater
  • Failure of the NOx sensor(s)
  • Issues with the SCR catalyst
  • Problems with electrical circuits
  • Issues with the ECU

Carfix, Manchester, are experts in dealing with emission-related solutions and can maintain, diagnose problems and fit replacement parts as necessary, or simply top up your AdBlue fluid.

If you suspect a problem, or have any questions relating to your vehicle’s AdBlue system, please contact Carfix, Manchester, in Salford on 07444 695598, we shall be pleased to help.

We are proud that our high level of service quality is backed up by our Servicesure accreditation. This means our work comes with a Servicesure National Warranty for your peace of mind.

To find out more about AdBlue Repairs & Maintenance in Salford, contact us online or call us directly on 07444 695598

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